Note taking

contributed by: Helena Jeret-Mäe, Joep Schuurkes


Note taking is a skill that supports collecting and later analyzing information gathered during testing. This exercise helps to learn a structure for note taking. Here are some possible uses of note taking:


Pick one feature in Google Calendar to test for 20 minutes. Look for interesting behaviors in this feature. Take notes about experiments and scenarios you try, results you observe, and questions that you come up with. Focus on taking more notes rather than less. Below are suggestions for structuring your notes and using helpful markup to use at the beginning of a bullet point/line.


  1. Right after finishing the testing and note taking, start the timer for 3 minutes and write a summary of your testing based on your notes.
  2. Return to your notes the next day. How easy is it get an overview of what you did? How easy is it to understand? Can you reproduce/retrace your steps?
  3. How can you improve your note taking next time?