contributed by: Helena Jeret-Mäe, Joep Schuurkes


Modeling software under test helps to analyze it, learn about it from different angles to be able to find useful test ideas. Depending on the kind of model you’re building and on your personal preferences you can pick an appropriate format, e.g. a list, a mindmap or a diagram.

Touring explained

One way to explore different perspectives on an application is touring. Like you can tour a city looking for different things (museums, night clubs or theaters), you can also tour an application looking for different kinds of things.

Michael Kelly came up with the following list of possible tours: FCC CUTS VIDS. Take a look at the list. It’s ok if you don’t fully understand all of them. For now we want to focus on the Configuration tour, User tour and the Data tour.


Apply the following tours to Google Calendar. Take 5 minutes for each tour.

  1. User tour (instead of five users, do this for one: yourself)
  2. Data tour
  3. Configuration tour


  1. For each tour write down 3 things you would want to test.
  2. How did these tours help you to come up with different test ideas?